Thursday, September 28, 2017

Finished Commission Painting

"Cornflower Field"  30" x 40"  oil ~  on the easel
After working on my commissioned painting most of the afternoon, I feel like it is finished.  But I will let it rest tonight and look at it again with fresh eyes in the morning.  If you compare it to the last post, you will see that I decided I did not like the two mounds of hay and thought it would look better with just one.  So I painted the left one out, added more of the walnut orchard and gave the viewer a peek into the distant hills.  I completely re-worked the barn and I am so much happier with it it.  It matches so many barns I see here in the Central Valley of California.  I worked on the trees to the right and the foreground as well.  Lots of other small changes as well.  

Now to sign it and let the paint rest and dry.