Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 Plein Air Conference in Monterey CA

I just returned from a very fun and informative event in Monterey, CA.  Plein Air Magazine hosted this conference and it was wonderful.  Eric Rhoads and Steve Doherty did an excellent job organizing everything.  We were with over 600 artists oozing with enthusiasm and eager to learn.  Some artists came from New Zealand, Africa, Canada, South America and Saudi Arabia!  I think every state was represented as well. 

We were up very early at 6:30 for Art Marketing workshops.  We listened to speakers and took lots of notes!  Ed Terpening did a very interesting presentation on marketing.

Then we watched some of the best artists painting today doing demos.  Some of the artists were:  Scott Christensen, Don Demers, Peggy Kroll-Roberts, Ned Mueller, Donald Neff, Morgan Samuel Price, Brian Blood, Lori Putnam and Camille Prizewodek!  It was like taking 20 workshops all rolled into one!  They were all awesome! 

The highlight of the event for me was to meet Mian Situ.  What a charming man he is and such an amazing artist!   I honestly think he is the greatest living artist today painting in the realistic style. the entire audience gave him a standing ovation!  Do look at his awesome paintings on his website.  He is a photo of me with him.

It was amazing to see how each artist has their own style of painting, way of approaching a painting, and choice of materials. What I learned most was to keep doing it my own way, but to experiment with new things too!  I love color and want to explore some new paints.  But at the same time I want to try some limited palettes too, with just a few colors. 

I am looking forward to the conference next year!