Welcome to my blog

I am an artist who works at my craft 
in the Central Valley of California.
I have been creating art since I was a small child.  
After a long career teaching Art and World History, 
I retired to try my hand at being a full time artist.
My Blog is about that process.

I often get asked how I got my name.  I was born at the time Gone With the Wind was in the movie theaters.  My mother, pregnant with me,  was madly in love with Clark Gable who played Rhett Butler.  She was very disappointed that I was not a boy, but declared she was going to name me RHETT anyway.  My father said "If you are going to give her a boy's name she has to have a girl's middle name."  So he added REGINA which means queenly.

Having a male name has been interesting.  When I was a senior in HS I received a Draft Notice and my files were in the boys files for 3 years before the HS secretaries discovered the mistake!  Living in California I did not run into anyone else named Rhett for many years.  But in my last year of teaching there were two students in my school named Rhett!  I also discovered there is another artist in Atlanta (she is a sculptor) whose name is Rhett and her mother's name is Rhett too!  She said the name is Welsh.  I will have to explore that one day.

Painting has always been exciting for me.  When I was in 2nd grade the 3rd grade teacher noticed my finger paintings.  I loved to get myself into that paint and smear it all over the place!  She asked me to come to her class and teach her students how to do it.  That was the start of my teaching career.  I will never forget that day over 60 years ago.

So since retiring I have been working at getting to be the best artist I can be.
I hope my work inspires you and you will want to follow me in this journey.

You can look at my art work at Daily Paintworks where I have an art gallery.
Contact me via Daily Paintworks.

I also sell note cards and reproductions via my studio and at various gift shops.
You can find my note cards at the Bookworks in Pacific Grove, CA.
Reproductions of some of my paintings are available on Fine Art America.