Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Orange Juiced!

 Day 12 Wednesday, March 23
I wanted to do a quick and small 5" x 7" painting and still had my red daisy from yesterday's painting.  I noticed a tall wine glass on my shelf and dropped the daisy in it with the piece of mistletoe.  Added the orange and voila!   "Orange Toast"  5" x 7"  This size sure seems small after enjoying the 6x6s. 

Day 13 Thursday, March 24
My orange tree is loaded with oranges so painting them has been a good practice.  I have painted them whole and sliced them, but what about juicing them?  So out came my juicer.  This time I added some scrap booking paper to the background.  A fun touch, don't you think?  "Orange Juice"  6x6  Yum!  Orange juice tastes so good.  One thing I discovered as I painted.... orange juice is not ORANGE at all, but quite YELLOW !


Day 14 Friday, March 25   I painted an orchid this day which was fading fast and I wanted to try a capture it now.  I will post that painting later.

Day 15 Saturday, March 26  Shopping at the Dollar store and discovered some very colorful mugs to try. Now if you don't think orange juice is really yellow, compare it to this bright ORANGE mug!  The little owl figure is from Mexico where I spent part of a summer.  He is so cute.  I think I will add him to more of my paintings!

 Trying to get ready for the  
Stanislaus Artist's Open Studios.
Hope you can drop by and see my Daily Painting progress.
Saturday,  April 23  and Sunday, April 24th
Tickets are available at 
Carnegie Art Center in Turlock and Mistlin Art Gallery in Modesto.