Sunday, February 12, 2017

Food Paintings on Daily Paintworks! Cakes, Cookies, & Lemons!

Chocolate Chip Cookies   5" x 7"  oil
Good enough to eat.
Painting food is fun, but so hard not to eat it too!  Yummy cake and cookies are a real challenge.  But I struggled through it to make these paintings.  Now I have a FOOD category on my gallery page on DPW.  

Carrot Cake on an Antique Saucer   6" x 6"  oil
Lemon   6" x 6"  oil
It was easier to paint this lemon 
since I did not have the urge to eat it!

Last Piece of Carrot Cake   5" x 7"  oilOh, but this piece of carrot cake....  yumm!