Friday, May 13, 2016

Painting Red Apples

Red Apples

Two and Half Apples  6x6 oil
 Ok, so I digress from my orange.  Just had to try my hand at some red apples I bought.  Discovered that Rose Madder and Pyrrol Red make just the color I needed!  I love the turquoise and the wall paper.
Apples and a Duck   6x6 oil

 So I had to try it again. This time my little glass duck had to get into the act. I think it is from the 40s.  Cute little guy.
Apples and Blueberries    6x6   oil

My beautiful blueberries are getting ripe  so I was out picking them.  They cried out to be included in the next painting!  So here they are.   Ooooo they are good!  The blue cobalt bottle is old.

Please Don't Eat the Blueberries    6x6   oil
I bought this little chick at the Dollar Store at Easter.  It is fluffy and bobs up and down as it quacks!  I hope it doesn't eat my blueberries!

The blue cup was left over from a trip from my Aussie daughter. 

All these paintings are $95 unframed  $125 framed.