Monday, January 21, 2019

PASTEL: Calla Lilies in Pacific Grove

Calla Lilies in Pacific Grove  pastels  22" x 26

Calla Lilies on the Coast  8" x 10"  oil 
My friend and I decided to paint along the coast in Pacific Grove, CA in Monterey County.  It was such a beautiful day and we were delighted to find a big stand of calla lilies which someone had planted near the water.  We set up our easels and painted. 

< Here is my plein air painting / study from that day.  The calla lilies were thick and in full bloom as was the purple Pride of Maderia.  The sea was brilliant blue and there were large black cormants sunning themselves on the rocks.

It was a lovely day and I never forgot those pretty white calla lilies on the coast.

So when a pastel show was announced at our Carnegie Arts Center, I thought I might try working from my plein air study and create a new painting from that day.  The finished painting is above and below you can see a few shots I took in progress as I worked on this pastel painting.

Study for the final painting

< Here is a small study I worked up to get ready for the larger pastel painting.   Now for sale on Daily Paintworks.  

 9" x 10"   Callas and Butterflies in Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove is famous for its Monarch Butterflies so I added butterfly stamps around the border and colored them with the Pan Pastels.  

I have been wanting to try out my new Pan Pastels so here was my chance!  I bought a large sheet of Uart sanded pastel paper and cut it to fit a frame I already

My idea was to have a painting within a painting.  Like you might look out a window to the scene.  I wanted to try some mixed media techniques as well  using stamps and a Versa stamp pad with the pan pastels.  

I wanted the area around the central square to be soft and dreamy, mystical and magical surrounding the more in-focus center.  So I began by taping around the central square to form a frame.

<  This photo shows the beginning stages of working the outer frame with the soft pan pastels and the sofft sponges.  Sofft sponges are specially designed to use with the pan pastels.  They are in the shape of standard artist's paint brushes so are so nice to work with. 

< Here I am starting to work the central section.  I wanted some of the leaves and lilies to overlap into the border for added interest, so I needed to plan it out a bit.

Close up.  Working with large sofft sponges

Let me know how you like my pastel painting and wish me luck getting into the pastel show!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Cat Portraits

I love cats.  Can't help it.  I have had a cat in my life since I was a child.  But I must admit I have not painted many cats, so I decided it was time to do so!  Here are my latest cat portraits.

"Leo the Cat" 8" x 8"  oils
Leo is my current baby.  He is so sweet and demands lots of attention!

"Blue Eyed Kitten"  8" x 8"  oils
This is my baby kitten we named Lacy.  We called him that because
as a kitten he loved to play with our shoe laces!  We loved him so much,
but sadly, he came down with cancer and we had to put him down.
 But we had 11 wonderful years with him.

"Calico Cat"   8" x 8"  oils
This is a portrait of my kitty named Vickie.  She is so sweet!
She has the most interesting coloring.  We love her to pieces!

"Black and White Beauty"   8" x 8"  oils
I love black and white cats!  This cat has lots of white whiskers
so she is all about those whiskers! 

My new cat paintings are available via Daily Paintworks!  
Click on the DPW link to get more information.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Painting along the Big Sur Coast

Let's Take a Long Walk
9" x 12"   oil on panel
A few years ago I took a photo while on a casual trip down the California coast on my way to Big Sur.  The scene was so pretty.  Rolling hills, native grasses and a path going off into the distance.  I painted the painting later, but was never really happy with it. 

This week I revisited the painting to see what I could do with it.  Now I am happy!  I remembered that scene and loved the beautiful, colorful native grasses.  How I wanted to walk down that path!  But it was a long walk and as I do not walk well, I could only dream.  

It is now up on my Daily Paintworks online Gallery.
If you click on it you can see close ups.   

$450  without a frame
If you are interested in adding this painting to your own collection,
 please send me an email via Daily Paintworks.

Friday, July 20, 2018

New Coastal Paintings

A Beach For Seals
11" x 14"    oil on panel
I have been working on revising and up dating some older paintings.
I created this painting on location during the Big Blue Live TV show a few years ago.  It was painted at Hopkins Marine Station Beach near the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I love this beach because it is fenced off and the seals have the beach all to themselves.  As I was painting from the pathway above and behind the fence, I had fun watching the seals resting and playing in the gentle surf.  Such a pretty place.

Send me an email via Daily Paintworks
 if you are interested in purchasing this painting.
You can see close ups of it on Daily Paintworks online gallery. 

$600 ~ does not include a frame.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Bunny Paintings

"What's Up Doc?"   5" x 5" acrylics
"Daisy Bunny"   5" x 5"  acrylics
I have been having a ball painting a series of small bunny paintings!  They are only 5" x 5" and I am revisiting acrylics again.  Actually, I wanted the bunny paintings for the Tracy Grand Theatre Art Gallery.  Our due date was only three days away and so I had to do them in acrylics to have them dry in time to bring to the gallery.  

They were so much fun, but a tad frustrating after years of working in oils.  The drying time of acrylics is so fast and the colors keep changing as they dry.  But it is nice to be able to varnish as I went along and also to add thin washes where I needed them. 

"Jack"    5" x 5"  acrylics
So here they are.  They are available at the gallery for $68 each through July 28th, 2018.  You can call the gallery and buy from them and they will ship directly to you.  

Tracy Grand Theatre Center for the Arts

"Daisy Lunch"  5" x 5"  acrylics

"Looking for Carrots"   5" x 5"  acrylics

Thursday, May 24, 2018

"Sprinklers" Painting in Farm & Field show

"Sprinklers"    11" x 14"   oil

My painting "Sprinklers" has been juried into 
the Farm & Field show 
at the Carnegie Arts Center.   
The show runs through July 29th, 2018.  
The Carnegie Arts Center is located at 250 N. Broadway in Turlock, CA.  

This scene was painted from a photograph taken of a newly planted field near Snelling, CA.  
This area is beautiful with rolling hills and lots of fields.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pacific Grove House Painting Finished

After a few more corrections, additions and changes, the painting of the Pacific Grove house is finally finished!  It was really fun to do this painting of this cute house in such a beautiful setting.  I hope the family is pleased with it.  The original painting goes to Oregon soon, but prints and other goodies can be purchased on Fine Art America.